Students Welfare Program

Our Donors & Sponsors

  1. Ms. Falguni Thakkar
  2. Ms. Kajal Anand
  3. Ms. Nehal Mehta
  4. Ms. Moha Kamat
  5. Ms. Chhaya Angadi
  6. Mr. Abdul Masood Khan

P.V. Polytechnic Alumnae Association is indebted and is extremely grateful to all the donors and sponsors for their valuable and generous contribution.

An appeal to the alumnae of P. V. Polytechnic

Dear Friends,

It’s time to pay back to the Alma-mater. We all are indebted to our Institute and our University in various ways,

  • As an Ex-Student
  • As a Teaching Faculty
  • As an Employee

and in many other ways.

We have received so much during our association with the Institute. It is time to nourish and fulfil the needs and desires of the younger generation, who aspire and seek what we all have sought for and got from the Institute.

P.V. Polytechnic Alumnae Association has started raising a ‘Welfare Fund’ which will be used for college building, Infrastucture and various student development activities/schemes.

We request all of you to contribute generously towards this noble cause and to spread a word around to advocate it. We look forward to your involvement, support and continued co-operation.

Thank you
P.V. Polytechnic Alumnae Association